Saturday, August 9, 2008

You're aware of what you're aware of

Does it seem like brain tumors are going around, or is it just me? Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a brain tumor; Robert Novak has one. Bobby Murcer died of one, Heidi Gottlieb is being treated for one, and today on the news I saw a story about a 30-year-old singer/songwriter who died of a rare skull based brain tumor; her name is Katie Reider. The website is, it tells the story of what she had to endure over the last two years of her life.. Her tumor was different from mine, but its location was similar. Some of the pictures and stories remind me of my own.

The site has been created by her fans to introduce 500,000 people to Katie’s music…more specifically it is a way to download her CD for $1; the proceeds will be donated to her family to help raise her daughter, and pay her medical bills. I downloaded the CD and I think it’s great, please take a look at this site. This story touches me...maybe because a part of me thinks that if any fork in my road had been different, Katie Reider’s story could have been my story.

When you have your health anything can be possible. Check out this site.

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PJ said...

Well, it sounds to me like you will have something particularly special to celebrate when the birthdays roll around this year.

You have weathered a storm and clear skies are ahead. The most wonderful news is that you are well and can now put the ordeal of radiation behind you.

Good riddance to Mr D and may he never darken your doorway again! Like any ill-mannered guest the best part of his visit is when he leaves!

I am so happy for you all.