Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sometimes Less is More

Went on the Chondrosarcoma Yahoo group yesterday; it's been helpful to me in the past. Kind of wish I hadn't. Many postings today about other individuals that have had Proton Radiation Therapy at Mass General...chock full of information about side effects. Of course everyone is different and every tumor is different...but I wish I didn't know what I know...think from now on I will try and stay in the zone of what you don't know, you can't now. Mostly, I just want to be well enough to take care of myself on my own if I have to while I'm undergoing treatment. Still working on finding a place to stay, although I have connected with some excellent possibilities. The car search continues. Lot of things happening at one time, feeling like I'm in the middle of a cyclone today.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's all relative

So just when you think you've had as much as you can handle...successfully, something else happens...and so it did. We are a family of two cars and three drivers. One of our cars took on a strange clanking, grinding, bad sound about a week ago. Long story short, it will cost $5000 to fix it, or it's time to get a new car. It's time to get a new car. This one died, like won't work at all. After many years of dutiful service, we say a fond farewell, and move on...or should I say forward? But it's all relative.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Let the Radiation Begin

I haven't posted lately...been busy,...busy researching, busy planning, busy waiting, and busy worrying. I had started this blog a few months ago as a way to be able to read my life myself. I didn't get very far. Forget all the old chapters I had yet to write, now it's about the present. The present is about the Radiation Road Trip. I will be starting Proton Radiation Therapy in Boston at Mass General Hospital on June 26th for seven weeks, five days a week with the desired optimum outcome of burning "Mr Dubenschmiemer" (as my daughter Rachel has named this tumor) out of my head. Burn baby, burn! Please feel free to chant along. My plan is to try and update this blog to let everyone know how I'm doing...that's the plan. How often I'm able to write will depend on a lot of things, but I will try and stay current.