Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's all relative

So just when you think you've had as much as you can handle...successfully, something else happens...and so it did. We are a family of two cars and three drivers. One of our cars took on a strange clanking, grinding, bad sound about a week ago. Long story short, it will cost $5000 to fix it, or it's time to get a new car. It's time to get a new car. This one died, like won't work at all. After many years of dutiful service, we say a fond farewell, and move on...or should I say forward? But it's all relative.

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Peter Green said...

Our car was making funny noises and I actually went and signed a contract to buy a Prius. Then I thought about my sixteen year old daughter with the learner's permit; I cancelled the contract and spent the two grand to to fix the car.

I've been thinking about Boston housing; I know a wonderful B & B in Beacon Hill that's only $95/night, but I imagine that's probably more than you want to spend.