Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day Thirty-One

Sick, sick, sick…just feel like I’m slogging through. I’m worn out. The travel, the sessions, it’s Tuesday (always tough), I feel nauseous almost all the time, and all these things combined, make me depressed. I hope Mr. Dubenschmeimer is feeling as horrible as I’m feeling.

After a slow moving, crappy morning…Jon and I go out for the smallest of walks around the block just so that I can get an airing; shortly after which we head over to Proton for my second to last Proton treatment.

Knowing that I’m so close to the end of the road renews me a bit, and Jon and I decide to check out the 3D Grand Canyon IMAX film; we got free tickets from the Cancer Resource Center…nice perk. The film was great; it was fun to go on a short trip to the Grand Canyon and get out of Boston.

Back to Beacon House, tomorrow’s Proton appointment is at 7:30A…it’s really too early for me…I’m not jumping out of bed these days, but they give, and you take…that’s the way it is over here in Radiationland.

Nighty night. May there be no fire drills and may neither Jon nor I slide off of the plasticized mattress during the night.

One more Proton, and 3 more Photon to go.

P.S.-In case anyone was curious, Rachel was able to go to camp today.

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