Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day Thirty-Two

Jon and I checked out of Beacon House and into the Liberty Hotel for the last two days of the last full week of my last few sessions…and today is my last Proton session ever…a day to celebrate. No more mask.

As I lay on the table in my usual immovable strapped to the table way, counting down the four classic rock songs on the radio it takes for the session to end....end forever, I start crying; I’m not entirely sure why…it just happens. I guess I’m relieved, I’m thankful, I’m so tired, and maybe because as happy as I am about this day, I still need to find the strength to make it through the last three Photon sessions.

After my last Proton session, Jon and I decide to celebrate by heading over to Cambridge to Toscanini’s for some of the Boston area’s best ice cream. I’m not sure about my energy level for this adventure, or how my stomach will receive it, but this day deserves a marker. We decide to take the T two stops on the Red Line, and walk what is supposed to be only three blocks. I think I’m up for this…Oops…we walked in the wrong direction and then had to walk back in the opposite direction. Four blocks turned into more like twelve…not so good for me…this wiped me out. Before radiation , twelve blocks was nothing, now it feels like the 5K. I did not let this energy-sapper dampen my enthusiasm for the best of the best ice creams. I had the Peppermint Stick with the Hot Fudge. It was good in my mouth. My stomach? This was a slightly different story…but it did feel like a small celebration… which was important.

Three more to go.

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