Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day Twenty-Two, Best Laid Plans

Got a call from Proton Center at 9:30A to let me know that the Proton machine is down, could I get to Photon at 10A? I was actually sleeping when they called (that’s what I am supposed to be doing according to my doctor…resting), and no way was I going to be able to make it over there in a half hour. Second choice please? They tell me that they have an 11:30, and if I can’t take that, they’re not sure what they can do for me. I had no real reason for not being able to make the 11:30…except this…I had made plans to have a friend come by the apartment (where I had planned to be shortly after check-out time at the hotel), at around 4P. My original appointment before the shuffle, was supposed to be at 4:10P. Oh, best-laid plans. I definitely wasn’t going to be able to find someone on such short notice to come with me to an 11:30, so I would have to go alone...this was the first time since I started radiation that I had to go by myself. The other thing was that I didn’t know how I could go to Photon, which I had already been warned might have an hour and half wait, lie down afterwards, and check out of the hotel by 1P (which would already be an extended check-out, normal check-out is at Noon).

All this re-jiggering put me in quite a state; too much for first thing in the morning. I called Jon and told him my story…really more like cried my story. I was thinking along the lines of I’ll need to check out early, run my stuff over to the apartment, and then get back for Photon at 11:30…never mind the fact that I won’t be going with anyone, which was a sadness all on it’s own. Then Jon said a most wonderful thing…he said “why don’t you just extend your stay at the hotel for another night, and not worry about having to check out. Things are hard enough as it is, just stay.” My initial thought was concern about the additional cost, but after I got over that, I just was so glad for Jon’s clarity”. One more night in this sanctuary. This may not have been how things were supposed to go, but I’m actually really grateful how things turned out”. “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”…and that can be okay.

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