Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day Eight

Don't know what it is about today, but I felt really crappy. Don't know if I did too much yesterday, or that it's the cumulative effect of the radiation; but starting last night I was feeling bad and sad (they often go together). My tongue felt weird, my head hurt, and I felt like I had a fever. I woke up feeling not as bad, took it easy (okay maybe not that easy, not like lay in bed all day easy), but didn't do as much as I might normally do. Jamie and I went out and walked around a bit, and as we walked a huge thunderstorm moved in...we ducked into a store thinking it would be gone as soon as it arrived, and we'd be able to walk back to the apartment. We waited, and a half hour. Nope, it wasn't leaving anytime soon. She asked if I had a number for a cab company, I didn't. I said maybe a cab will pass by (as we looked hopefully out the window). It's was pouring, what were the chances of getting an empty cab, much less flagging it down while standing inside the store? And just then, I'm not kidding you, a cab stopped in front of the store, and two people got out. I ran out and told the now departing customers to hold it for us...and there you go...we called a cab and it it turns out, we didn't even have to dial a number. We pulled it in from the universe.

My proton session was set for 4:20P today, but that didn't matter, I wasn't taken until almost 6P...busy shortage of customers. I am so not a person to stand on line for things. A new Harry Potter movie or book, I'm the one who will see the movie a few weeks later when the crowd thins out, or buy the book after a few weeks, or even wait and borrow it from the library. There is no restaurant that I would even consider standing on line for an hour and half to be seated...none. But here at Proton Center, I wait,...I wait as long as I have to to be seated. While I wait, I learn know, that virtue I don't have.

Time to hit the sack, my doctor says I need more rest, guess I thought that was advice for the other patients, but it's not. Nighty, night.

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