Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day Twelve

Got together for lunch with two longtime friends from college today. We all went to school at BU. They stayed here, I went back to New York. It was great to see them, it had been a while since we all sat together eating lunch...the dining digs were definitely more upscale than back then, the conversation topics were different, what we ate was different...back then it was more like a Greek Pizza and a 6 pack of beer. There may still be the occasional time to indulge in such a meal, but back then it was more of a regular experience. We all look pretty much the same...a bit older, but it doesn't seem like 30 years older.

I ask both of them if they feel any different than they did back when we were in college together? They each say, "not really, I feel pretty much the same". I think "can that really be true?" Me? I definitely feel different.

Proton at 4P.

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