Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Five

Day Five

10:15A on Friday was my fifth treatment, but only my second one at the Proton Center. It seemed like I was just there. I was, I had been there at 5P yesterday. We arrived on time but had to wait about a half hour before I was able to slip into the mask (it’s too early for me to start disliking this mask, but I do…got to work on that). Can this treatment really be only 20 minutes? It seems twice that long while I’m suspending in a space with no real light, no movement, only an occasional chime from the machine, or a beep from the closing door. Jon suggests afterward that we put together a CD for me to listen to during treatment, and make it as close to the length of the treatment as we can, that way I would have a sense of how much time had passed…and more importantly…how much more time was left to go. I think this is a really great idea! I’ll have to work on it this weekend when I’m home. The session ended, we waited to speak to my doctor (this will be an every Friday event). He asked me how I was feeling, to which I responded “tired and queasy”, and he said “that’s good, that’s how we know it’s working”. He could not know how funny this was, but the last time someone said that to me, I was pregnant with Jamie. My obstetrician asked me how I was feeling, I told her “sick to my stomach…all the time” What did she say? “I like to hear that my pregnant mothers are nauseous, that means that everything is going well”. She was right...everything did turn out well. Definitely seems like nausea is friend, not foe…I will try and keep this mind.

Jon and I headed back to the apartment; we left some of our bits and pieces behind, so less to lug back and forth. We hit the road. After about 90 miles we decided to stop at a roadside diner in Connecticut called Shady Glen…very good burgers, and a great chocolate ice cream soda with mocha chip ice cream. If you’re ever in Manchester, Ct., and looking for some comforting, comfort food…I highly recommend the place.

As so it goes, one week down, six more to go.

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