Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Believing just may be seeing

This most recent event has been both exciting and timely.

Looking ahead to the next couple of months with one car was daunting...under normal circumstances it would just be annoying, but considering the fact that I will be commuting back and forth for radiation therapy within the next several weeks for the next several weeks, the annoyance would grow larger. A week ago, I went to sleep and had a dream about getting a call that our new Prius was in and that we could come pick it up, the car in my dream was black with tan leather interior. Remember this was a dream.

While I was dreaming, we had put ourselves on two separate waiting lists, our preference was a grey metallic exterior, with a grey leather interior. We were preparing ourselves for the dim reality that we might have to wait anywhere from 6-12 weeks or more for a car. While we had a first preference, we would take almost any combination...but this would not decrease the wait all that much.

Last Saturday, around 5P, we received a call from a dealer that we had visited, but hadn't even put our name on their list. We had visited them to test drive a car, but they were too busy for us, and we were told that the wait would be months...so we didn't bother to put ourselves on that list. Not sure why we didn't, maybe because we didn't have to,...because it was that dealer that called us to ask if we were still looking for a Prius. "Yes, we are.", figuring that he was calling just to ask if we wanted to be one of the myriad of others on their list...ones still waiting. "Well, we have one coming in next week". "It's a black one, with tan leather interior, would that be okay". "Would that be okay?" "That's the car of my dreams (dream)! I am feeling quite strongly that I pulled this car in from the universe.

And so from now on...I am going to start pulling in all sorts of things from the universe. That's the plan.


jon66 said...

good plan

PJ said...

Staying positive is what it is all about! Good for you guys!