Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The beginning of The Beginning

Tomorrow Jon and I travel to Boston, a trip one or the other, or both of us has made countless numbers of times. We went to school in Boston, we have friends in Boston, we've been on vacation there...but no trip we've taken before will feel quite like the trip we take tomorrow. Tomorrow's trip is the beginning of the beginning. On Thursday I will be at Mass General Proton Therapy Center for various brain scans, and set-up for the June 23rd proton radiation start date. I am anxious, anticipatory (this may be the same), dare I even use the word excited, I am somewhat inarticulate at the moment, I am overwhelmed, I am so hopeful. I take with me on this trip the usual "trip items", but most importantly I take with me the enormous feeling of support and love of all my friends and family. Keep sending that positive energy.

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PJ said...

Good luck to you! My prayers are with you.