Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 1...and 2

After a late start...of course, Jon and I got up to to Boston about 2P...moved into the apartment, (that didn't take long), and took the three block walk over to the hospital for my first radiation session at 3P. These first few sessions will be conventional radiation, not Proton (so no mask). I was wiped out afterwards, I'm sure not from the treatment but more from the day. We came back and unpacked, we went shopping at the Whole Foods across the street (very convenient), we ate, and then it all washed over me how much we had gone through to get to this day. Big Day. I so want this to work.

Today's appointment was at 8:30A, back on the same table, a zap here, a zap there, a zap here and there, and I'm done. I feel tired, but not as emotionally exhasuted. Think Jon and I will go to the movies.

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