Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Walking, Yes Indeed I'm Walking

So next October 1st, it’s my hope should all things go right (this is no small task), that it’ll be the first day I will be on the road to Boston. My plan is to walk 10 miles a day, the trip is about 300 miles long…it’s shorter if I’m driving, the trip is longer because I’ll be going through individual neighborhoods. When I drove the trip every week in 2008 for radiation treatment, it was about 218 miles-but that trip was very direct. It’s my hope that by taking the long way, and going through neighborhoods I’ll be able to be more visible and in touch with people and communities, giving me the greater ability to make them aware of Brain Matters…again we’re talking hopes…

It’s funny to think that on the first day I will walk 10 miles, and at the end of that day I will only be 10 miles away from my house-I’ll probably just take a car back and come home…may even do this the first few days, until it just doesn’t make sense to do so…but I’m just thinking out loud, everything is still so much in the planning stage…the hoping stage.

As of today, it’s October 11th, I’m walking 4 miles a day a few times a week…I’m in the building stage, this is the most amount of exercise I’ve had in a while. When I’m walking, I’m imagining myself a year from now, what it will be like; I’m also dreaming about all that I want to make happen between now and then. As of now, I walk when it’s raining, because I know I will have to walk when it’s raining. I walk when it’s cold because I know I will have to walk when it’s cold. When I’m walking, I notice the changing of the leaves and I think, “that will look so good on film” (because a group of my friends and I plan on filming this all for a documentary), and it will be so beautiful to see this all as I walk from here to New England. I think to myself should everything go according to plan I will arrive in Boston just around Halloween next year, but I’m purposely choosing not to arrive on that day because that could be a crazy day to arrive; I’m choosing instead to arrive a day or even a couple days later, as long as it’s before the clocks get moved forward on November 6th, and as long as it’s on a weekday.

I’m walking, I’m dreaming, I’m imagining, I’m hoping…yes indeed I’m walking.

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