Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It’s Not Called Dun-Rite Cleaners for Nothing

So yesterday I was passing through the neighborhood I used to live in about seven years ago…it’s not far from where I live now...about fifteen minutes away-I was on my way to some other place, but I had a few things with me that needed to be dropped off at a Cleaners. One usually stays totally local with these things, but that’s more habit than anything else; I don’t love the Cleaners I go to now, I just use it because it’s within a couple of blocks of where I live. So back to my story…I saw the Cleaners I used to go to when I lived here…seemed like a “no brainer” (no pun intended), I would just drop my things here. I parked the car, went inside, and was greeted by the same woman who had always been there, and she said, “How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a long time.” I said, “You have a terrific memory! I moved, I haven’t been to this Cleaners in about seven years, but I was driving through the neighborhood and decided to drop these things off”. She asked how my daughters were, and I told her one was 21 and the other 14…she couldn’t believe it. She let me know my things would be ready on Thursday. She then told me what made me think that not only had Dun-Rite Cleaners named themselves appropriately for their expertise in dry cleaning, but in how they handle their customers as well…she said “It was great to see you, you look the same!” I like this place, made me wonder about what other things I might have at home that need dry cleaning.

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