Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Tide is Turning

About a month ago I was feeling a clear sign that what had been stuck for so long, was becoming unstuck...that what was miserable for such a long time, was becoming less miserable..and what has been unfortunate, was turning towards fortunate.

Within a single week these things happened:

We went to see a Mets game and our tickets which had been located in the bleachers, were upgraded by the “Met Guest Services God”, who apparently takes bad seat tickets and swaps them for good seat tickets…just because; just because he likes you. I was wearing a classic Mets t-shirt that day...that couldn’t have hurt, and perhaps also because they wanted the stadium to look fuller to the TV audience. There were no shortage of tickets I’m sure (the Mets are having an awful season), but their loss turned out to be our gain. We were given tickets two rows back from the field, behind the Chicago cubs dugout. Nice! Another clear sign of good fortune, was that on that special night, the Mets actually won.

A week or so later, I was celebrating my birthday (just damn glad to be here), and Jon bought me a scratch off Lottery ticket. I scratched...these things almost never return more than the dollar or two I spend on them…but today, on my special day, I won $25. This was definitely a sign, and I hope a trend.

And then, when things could hardly seem like they could get better…we sold our house (a relief). This isn't a good market to sell a house. But we did. We have to be out in two months, that's an ambitious schedule-it's a part of the price one pays to sell a house in this market.

So last week, when it looked like the house that we needed to find to move into was being shy, we were not seeing anything…not a house to buy, not a house to rent (we have two dogs, two birds, and a bunny-not many renters are looking to have a small zoo move into their house), we were considering a house that was half the size we needed (no that’s not right, half the size we could fit into), when the right house came on the market. Today as I write, the right house is our house. We are set for a December move out/move in day.

I am a fan of the way that the Tide is Turning.

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I'm surfing that Tide!